About Philip J. Schlump

Open Source: (look on Github.com)

  • go-ftl: A full featured fast HTTP 2.0 web server and proxy.
  • go-lexie: A fast lexical analyzer generator that extends the capabilities of lexical analysis into a context sensitive system.
  • go-ringgo: An implementation of Dgjango Templates in Go. This page was built with the command line version of go-ringgo.
  • socketio: An updated, fixed version of Socket.IO for Go.
  • tr: A set of tools to make debugging in Go easier.
  • sql: A command line tool for building reports - works with Oracle, PostgresSQL, Microsoft T-SQL/MS-SQL.
  • Others... Look on github.com

Professional Experience:

  • Founded a venture backed startup. Got funding. Built the business. Worked as CTO and directed all development and support. Sold the business.
  • Worked in a software consulting company doing both on site consulting, recruiting and sales.
  • Project director for a 20+ person development team and ran sales and support teams also.
  • Experience building on line retail businesses.

Development Experience:

  • Currently working in Go (golang), PosgreSQL and AngularJS (JavaScript).
  • Lead developer/designer for numerous software projects in C, C++, C# .NET, VisualBasic, PL/SQL and other languages.
  • Experience building mission critical high performance systems.
  • content-pusher: A useful tool for pushing out web page design changes to multiple clients. Makes front end development and testing go much faster.

Shameless Plug: Looking for remote development working Go (golang), Ruby, Node.js or AngularJS.

Philip J. Schlump General Backgorund

Masters in Computer Science from University of Wyoming.

Married 29 years. Two wonderful children. One in college.

Enjoy photography, rock climbing, skiing, sailing and many other outdoor activities.



A template engine in Go with syntax and features based on Dejango Templates. Templates are extended with a clean interface to call Go code and a set of built in capabilities that can be used to directly access PostgreSQL and Redis. This site was built with the command-line version of this tool.


A fast HTTP/2 server with the ability to provide strong authentication. Also a purely declarative syntax for specifying access to relational databases.

Check JSON Syntax

This is a JSON syntax checker and pretty printer. It uses a set of huristic rules to identify the most likely cause of a syntax error in JSON and reports the line, column and probable cause of an error.